My pronouns are he/him/his.

This website is essentially a place where I can

  • Sketch out the technical details of things that I like, for the purpose of remembering and organizing my thoughts
  • Give (potentially bad) takes on a variety of subjects: Math, Statistics, Computer Science, Gaming, Books, etc.
  • Provide updates of things that I may be currently working on.

This is all sort of depending on how much I utilize the blog. It’s probably helpful to think of this website as a giant work-in-progress. Pages may change over time, opinions may change over time, technical interests and know-how may change over time. I like lists, so here are some:

Technical interests:

  • The probabilistic method in combinatorics
  • (Bayesian) statistics and machine learning, begrudgingly
  • Graph Theory, both applied and theoretical.
  • Programming languages and Program synthesis
  • SAT/SMT solvers
  • Type Theory & Verification
  • Coloring problems, Graph Homomorphisms

Non-technical interests:

  • Recently I became a huge fan of the Monster Hunter series, putting in 500 hours into Monster Hunter World during COVID-19 quarantine
  • Anime (unfortunately)
  • Bouldering. Current skill: VB-V0. Personal Record: V4
  • Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. I don’t lift any more, but here are some old (unofficial) personal records since I am proud of them:
    • Snatch: 92kg, Clean&Jerk: 127kg @ 80kg weight class
    • Squat: 460lbs, Bench Press: 280lbs, Deadlift: 500lbs @ 203lb bodyweight.

Currently working on:

  • Making this blog presentable
  • Learning Haskell
  • Getting back into gaming because I am working on…
  • Not getting COVID-19

Stuff I want to work on:

  • Getting back into a gym to climb rocks and/or lift weights
  • Writing my own programming language
  • Math Book Reviews
  • Video Game Reviews
  • Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Figuring out how to track viewer statistics on this site